Welcome Letter

posted Aug 28, 2018, 12:56 PM by Joanne Sambucini

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Welcome to PreK 3!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to your child’s first school experience.  We are thrilled that you chose our PreK 3 program at Corpus Christi School for this milestone.  We hope that you are as enthusiastic as we are for the upcoming year. This letter will help to answer the questions you may have as your child begins our program.

This year our PreK3 Orientation will be on Friday, September 7th from 8:20 am until 9:30 am. It will be held in the preschool gym.  Parents and children will meet with the Principal and the teachers to discuss pertinent information about the upcoming school year.   

PreK 3 children will begin their first full day of school on Monday, September 10th.  Doors will open at 8 am for the children, children must be present by 8:20 am as this is the start time of our day. Children should come to school with their backpacks, snack and lunch.  Our hot lunch program and before and after care programs are available for you starting Monday, September 10th.

Our schedule is as follows:

Full Day: 8:20 am to 2:30 pm - Monday through Friday

Half Day: 8:20 am to 11:50 am - Monday through Friday

Each morning, the doors will open at 8 am.  Students will enter the building and go directly to their classrooms.  Before care is available from 7 - 8 am if you need that service.

At dismissal, students are dismissed from the playground gates of the Preschool.  In inclement weather, students will be dismissed from the main entrance of the building.  For your child’s safety, umbrellas are not allowed inside the school building. Each child will be released only to their parent or designated person. If you are going to be late picking up your child from school, please inform the office as soon as possible at 201-288-0614.

Please note: The first Friday of each month will usually be a half day for all children.  Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up by 11:50 am on those days.  Aftercare is available for those children who are registered. Please check our classroom webpages on a regular basis as all pertinent information is listed there.

Students in PreK 3 are required to wear uniforms.  The uniforms are to be purchased at Mr. G’s Embroidery located in Kearny. Please inform Mr. G’s that you are purchasing a Preschool Corpus Christi School uniform.  The website is: www.ccsuniformstore.com, password: pinto.   Children must wear predominately white sneakers (velcro is preferred) with both summer and winter uniforms.  

Items your child will need for the upcoming year are as follows:

Backpack:  Each child will need a backpack to take home daily work, projects and correspondence.  The backpack should be large enough to hold a folder, a snack bag and a lunch box (as well as an additional snack if your child will be attending our aftercare program).  Please label your child’s backpack with his or her name as well as their lunchbox and snack bag. Due to safety concerns, we ask that backpacks do not have wheels.

Folder:  We will be sending home various communications in the way of notes, letters and/or work. The teachers will provide a Corpus Christi School folder on the first day of school.  Also, it is very important that parents check and empty your child’s folder daily.

Change of Clothes:  Accidents do happen throughout the year.  We are asking every child to bring in a full change of clothes (labeled underwear, socks, pants, and a shirt that your child can change themselves into, these do not have to be the school uniform)  Please put these clothes in a labeled shoe box to be kept in the classroom closet. If there is a bathroom accident, parents may be called to come in and change their child.

Supplies: We are requesting that each child bring the following items during the first week of school: a ream of copy paper, 3 pack of large Elmer’s glue sticks, 3 boxes of tissues, one spray bottle of cleaner, one container of cleaning wipes (Clorox), 3 packages of antibacterial wipes and 3 rolls of paper towels.  These items are extremely helpful during our classroom activities. We appreciate your generosity.

Snack and Lunch:  Please pack a healthy snack, drink and napkin for your child.  If your child is a full day student, they will also need to bring their lunch daily.  Your child must have a separate snack bag in addition to their lunch bag. Please label your child’s snack and lunch bags with his/her name. It is extremely important to note that we are a nut free school.  No food products with any type of nuts are allowed. The children will have snack at 10 am, and lunch at Noon.  Our hot lunch program is available for purchase. More information will be given to you at orientation. If your child is using our aftercare program, please also send a separate snack for aftercare.

Absences: Please advise the office by 8:30 am if your child will not be attending school.  Upon their return, please submit a short note stating the reason for their absence.  If you need to pick your child up before dismissal time, please advise us in writing what time you will arrive.

Birthdays: We will be happy to celebrate your child’s birthday in school.  Parents are free to send in nut-free snacks (such as cupcakes, pop-ems etc. for the class to share at snack time).  Please let us know at least one week in advance if you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday in school. Any summer birthdays will be celebrated at the end of the year.  We will be happy to distribute party invitations as long as the entire class is invited. While your generosity is appreciated, it is our policy that no goody bags or other class gifts for birthdays or holidays are to be sent in.

Holidays: For holiday celebrations, a sign up sheet will be in the classrooms on Back to School Night.  Please sign up for items for the holiday of your choice. Our class parents will remind you what you have signed up for.

Student of the Week: Each week a “Student of the Week” will be selected.  Every child will have a turn during the school year. A special poster will be sent home for you to complete and return to school.

Class Parents: You will receive a letter from the Home School Association regarding interest in being a class parent for your child’s class.  The HSA will notify you if you have been selected.

Allergies/Medical Information:  Please inform us in writing of any medical problems, allergies or medications involving your child.  In this packet there is a PreK 3 Information Sheet please fill it out and return it to your child’s teacher at orientation.  It is imperative that we have this information for the safety of your child.

Our website and class pages are updated monthly,  so please go to www.corpuschristischool.net, go to class pages and find your teacher's name for their personal class page. We list special dates, upcoming events, aftercare information,  what we are learning and other pertinent information on our pages.

Parents will be invited on occasion throughout the school year for special events.  Your attendance is always appreciated!

Most importantly, love and encourage your child and thank God for the blessing He has given you!

We look forward to meeting your child in September!

See you soon!