posted Aug 24, 2018, 5:01 PM by Joanne Sambucini   [ updated Sep 4, 2018, 3:31 PM ]
Hi! Welcome to PreK-3B!  I look forward to a wonderful year together! I can't wait to meet my new group of "Cool Cats"!! We will have lots of fun, learn many new things, and make new friends!! It's going to be a great year!!

This is a time of adjustment for many children as most will be attending school for the first time. The separation from mom and dad can be hard for some, as well as for their parents! Expect some tears, but in time, this too shall pass.  Trust me, it usually gets better in a couple of days! 

Please make sure EVERYTHING your child brings to school is labeled!! I truly can't stress this enough. This includes backpacks, snack bags, lunch boxes, sweat shirts (especially because everyone will have the same type!), jackets etc. At the beginning it is hard for some children to identify what belongs to them. Plus, in case there are duplicates, we will be able to identify them. 
I also ask that if your child is a full day student, please send in snack and lunch in separate, labeled bags. Please include your child's name and the word "snack" or "lunch".  And please do not put the snack bag inside the lunch box. It makes it so much easier if they are separate because the aides take them out of their backpacks in the morning and put them in different places. If your child will be going to aftercare, please keep that snack separate from the others as well and label it with the name and the word "aftercare". I truly appreciate your cooperation in these matters.


Friday, September 7th PreK-3 Orientation. Please meet at the Preschool at 8:20 for a "meet and greet" with our principal. Parents will attend the orientation in the gym and also meet with me and Miss Soraya, our aide. The morning will end at 9:30 and children leave for the day.

Monday, September 10th- This will be a full day of school for the children. Children should arrive between 8:00-8:20. The school day begins at 8:20. Half day children will be dismissed at 11:50, full day children will be dismissed at 2:30. All children should bring a backpack labeled with his/her name, a labeled snack bag, and labeled lunch bag, if applicable. If your child is staying full day, please send in a beach towel (labeled with name) for rest time. They will be using beach towels instead of blankets this year. Please note that before/aftercare will be available starting today. Please note that the hot lunch program will not begin until October for the preschool.

Friday, September 14-  Back to School Social 6-8pm hosted by HSA. More information from HSA to follow.

Friday, September 28th- Half Day-11:50 Dismissal for all children