This Week In PreK3B (March 11th-15th)

posted Sep 15, 2018, 1:48 PM by Joanne Sambucini   [ updated Mar 17, 2019, 2:24 PM ]
We finished our letter D and began our new letter, the letter P. The children came up with many words for our P list. I was very proud of them!! They are all working hard and doing a great job!  We used markers to color a coffee filter which I then sprayed with water. Then all the colors mixed together.  When they dried, I cut them out and we will glue them onto black paper for "P is for Planets"!  We also used different color green tissue paper that we glued onto a shamrock cut out. We then added googly eyes, a mouth and a stick for a little shamrock person!  In our Weekly Reader this week, we talked about spring and how it is a time when many baby animals are born. Sometimes the babies don't look their parents, but when they grow up they will. We played many different learning games to reinforce the number 6, the color yellow, and the circle shape. The kids really enjoyed them!!

You may have noticed that on some of our work papers, the children have begun tracing their names over highlighter.  For just the beginning, they are doing a great job!  It would be beneficial if you practice having your child trace their names at home for reinforcement. You can use highlighter to write their name and then have them trace over it. Or you can make dots for their name and then they can trace over the dots. As we have been saying in class, "Practice makes perfect".  Some children are still having a rough time holding the pencil tight enough which is then affecting their tracing/writing skills. Also, there are a few children who are still unsure of how to orally spell their names. Please continue to practice that as well.

 I recommend you spend a few minutes each night reviewing the material we are learning in class. This reinforcement at home will only help strengthen their knowledge. Please continue to practice the correct pencil grip with your child and have them hold it tightly and have them press firmly. I am noticing that some children aren't pressing hard enough when they are tracing/writing. We are using pencil grips on all our pencils to get them accustomed to writing and holding the pencil correctly.