This Week In PreK3B.....

posted Sep 15, 2018, 1:48 PM by Joanne Sambucini
Congratulations to my "cool cats" for completing their first full week of school!! I am very proud of them!!  It was tough week for some, especially for those who come full day, and for those who have never been in school or away from their families before. And yes, there were some tears, but each day has gotten better. The beginning is always very hard, but it does get better for most. We will get through this together!!

We had a very busy week in our class. We are adjusting to each other and to the classroom routine. We are learning to wait our turn, raise our hand, and to sit at our tables. This, as well as academics, is all part of the learning process. We are building a foundation for a successful school career. Academically, we are learning about the color blue. We played "blue detectives" where we each had a turn using the pointer and finding something blue in the classroom. We also played other color learning games with colored craft sticks, matching cards to colored boxes, matching colored beads to the same color pipe cleaner and more! 
We started using pencils by tracing and writing vertical lines in order to get ready to write straight line letters. I would suggest you have your child practice holding a pencil correctly at home. We do our best at school to model the correct pencil/crayon grip, but reinforcement at home is definitely necessary. As for coloring, we are working toward getting the children to do their best to stay inside the lines. This is a work in progress, and it may take some time, but our ultimate goal is to get everyone to stay inside the lines, or at least to the best of their ability. 
This week we watched color and shape videos on the computer to help with color and shape recognition. The shapes videos have catchy songs that help the children recognize and remember the shape. They seem to really enjoy them!! We are learning about the square this month and that it is shaped like a box and that it has 4 sides and that all 4 sides are the same. We played various learning games to help the children with recognition such as "swat the square" where each child used a fly swatter to "swat" the square that was mixed with another shape before I did. They had fun beating the teacher at that game!  
On Friday, we started talking about the number 0 and that is means none. We watched a number video about zero and used dot markers to dot a picture of the number 0. The children really love using the dot markers and so far are doing a great job with them!  We also used dry erase boards and markers this week to practice making our vertical lines and they really enjoyed that as well! 
We seem to be off to a great start and look forward to the rest of the school year!